Saturday, 6 October 2012

Natural Respite from Freckles

 Freckles are the pin sized dark spots on the skin surface caused by excessive sun exposure. The color of these spots can vary from red to dark brown owing to the level of exposure. They are more prominent with the light skin toned people as their skin is more sensitive than the ones with dark tones.  Although, freckles rarely need to be removed for the medical reasons, people opt to get rid of them owing to their noticeable appearance on the prominent areas like nose, cheeks and chin.

    There are multiple products in the market which claim to eliminate freckles and prevent them from reappearing. Being high on cost, these products might not prove to be effective but readily succeeds in putting a hole in our wallets. On the other hand, Mother Nature has provided us with multiple natural choices which are cheap, effective and side-effect free. Thus, for all those of you who tried all the available products in the market only to end up with disappointment, here are some natural remedies which are easy to prepare and apply: -
  •  Lemon: - It contains the essential nutrients that prove to be natural bleach for the skin. Apply Lemon daily as the part of the daily skin care regimen and results will be pleasing. It’s also rich in Vitamin-C which forms a protective layer around the skin surface, thus preventing the further damage upon the sun exposure. An important point that needs consideration is that the Lemons are acidic in nature. So apply a moisturizer right after you wash off the lemon to avoid the skin dryness.
  • Radish: - It has been long known for its healing effect on damaged skin. Though it doesn't smell pleasing, but if applied regularly, can lighten the freckles and give you a radiant skin. To prepare the Radish mask, apply 1 teaspoon full of Radish with one teaspoon of sugar for 30 minutes and see the instant effect. Continuous application of this solution thrice a week will definitely create wonders for your skin.
  • Papaya: - The regular application of this fruit can provide you with a healthy and flawless skin. But applying crushed papaya with water for 2 hours thrice a week can effectively reduce and gradually eliminate the freckles.
  •  Turmeric: - Being well known to be an effective dose for health, its regular application can give you a radiating and flawless skin. To make a turmeric mask, add a teaspoon full of turmeric powder with yogurt. Mix it until it’s in a form of thick paste and then gently apply on your face.
  • Yogurt: - It’s an effective natural cleanser when applied regularly. In addition, the usage of the fermented milk can provide you with a radiant skin. This milk is rich in lactic acid which ultimately fades the freckles. This milk can also be used as a makeup remover.
  • Tomato juice: - Drinking tomato juice or even eating tomatoes is beneficial for the skin as it contains the element tyrozin which proves helpful in the elimination of the pigmented or damaged skin cells.
  • Honey: - It is well known for its positive effect against the damaged skin cells. It contains a rich amount of anti-oxidants which helps your skin stay fresh and healthy. Its regular application visibly fades the freckles and eliminates them gradually.
  • Natural cosmetic products: - If you find yourself too busy to make such natural packs, you can readily opt for the cosmetic products made from the natural ingredients. Few products such as Dermology skin brightener cream effectively reduces the dark spots and fades the freckles. These products specify the list of ingredients on its pack, thus facilitating you with the right knowledge of what you are applying on your face.

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